Fabrication Services

Stevens Steel West is capable of fabricating the steel products needed to complete your project:

Heavy Structural Steel

Includes beams, columns, and all necessary connection materials. Stevens Steel West can provide beams and columns from small to large size material.


Engineer designed trusses can be fabricated in house to fit project needs.

Exposed Steel

Canopies and awnings are just a small part of the scope of items that we can complete for you.

Safety Guard Rails

We can complete rails of almost any size and design, interior or exterior, to your specifications.

Stairs & Rails

Stevens Steel West can fabricate stair systems with metal stringers and treads, or we can attach treads to existing wood stringers. Whether it needs to be an exterior industrial stair system, or an interior system with exposed steel, we can build the system to your exact specifications.

Access Ladders

From elevator pit access, interior roof access to exterior access ladders, Stevens Steel West can fabricate any ladder needed.

Stevens Steel West can also provide pre-fabricated joists, decking and grating for various applications.

No matter the size of project you may have, Stevens Steel West can provide all of the pre-fabricated or custom steel needed to complete the project.